12 Disciples

The 12 Disciples were the companions of Wren Boofette who stood in defense of Ohma from Algore and the Blitherbourg. The 12 Disciples were:

Billiam Cats – Frequently went by just Bill. Is always represented as an understated man, however it is believed he was a Sentient Cat Swarm (and is where we get the number “billiam”). Billiam Cats controlled all computers everywhere through his secret society " Microsoft "

Walteransuzanne Scut – A two headed giant of great renown. Was know for his great building skill, and was the foreman of Petrakwit.

Petrakwit – A great man with many sons. Was the designer and builder (with his sons’ help) of Ohma

Doon Oldtramp – A scoundrel who betrayed Wren in his moment of victory. Conspired with Algore and the Blitherbourg via a directive called Agenda 21. Was executed by Algore’s secret guard, the TSA, via a machine which caused cancers and tumors to spontaneously consume one’s body.

Jordi Bush – A humanoid plant creature who had multiple forms. Two known forms are “Walker” which enabled him to move as if a person (not like a plant, as in not at all), and “Herber” which enabled him to heal nearly any creature through use of medicinal herbs he spontaneously produced. He was frequently referred to as the “Desert Storm” due to his reputation for aggressive fighting.

12 Disciples

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